Window ACs or a Central System?

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It is a question that we are asked a lot by people who happen to move into an older house. Are they going to go ahead and get a HVAC system set up in the house, or are they going to stick with the window ACs that we used to use in the past? Yes, if you already have a bunch of window ACs in the house and they run fine, then you may want to stick with those. But if you are buying a new setup for various rooms, then we think you will want to think about what will work best.

The main thing that you have to think about is whether you are going to look to cool specific rooms during the day and night, or you want to cool the whole house at all times. Now if you are looking to cool your entire home all the time, then what we are going to suggest is that you go ahead and get a central AC system set up. Why? Because these are much more efficient as compared to having six or seven window ACs in the home. In addition, it is just a cleaner process to have one central system.

However, if you are the only person living in this large house, or you are only two people, you may not even use all the rooms that are present. In that case, it may make more sense for you to just get a couple of window ACs and a portable AC that you can use. The window ACs will cool the rooms where you spend the most time, and the portable AC is something you can move around to various rooms depending on if you have company, or someone else staying over at the house for a few days.